Thursday, December 04, 2008

Felting Groove

For the past few weeks, it was been colder than normal in my part of the world. There is something about colder temperatures that seems to motivate me to do more knitting, especially with wools for felting. Here is my most recent project:
Before felting
Before Felting Before Felting

After felting
After felting After felting Lined Bag
Usually I hand stitch the lining into felted or knitted bags. This time I tried attaching the lining to the bag with the sewing machine. I was very pleased with the outcome. I'll see how it does after I use the bag for a while.

I have started a new u-shaped bag using the Two Measures of Joy pattern found on Ravelry but I am altering mine. I am knitting mine with a variegated wool yarn. I won't be including the strips for the musical notes.

Before Felting- Joy Bag Before Felting - Joy Bag

I'm also trying to make a few quick gifts for Christmas - nonknited gifts. I love these tile coasters using either stamps or cocktail napkins. I got the idea from About A Bit of Everything blog and from Splitcoast Stampers. Check it out and I'll share photos if I am pleased with the final products.

Speaking a blogs - check out a couple of new ones I've been reading lately. You just might get a little inspired.
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Elspeth said...

I love your grey bag - perfect colors for me!

Karyn said...

I love your felted bags and I know exactly what you mean about cold weather and knitting!

Beth said...

Your bag is great and I love the tweed in it. Thanks for sharing the links to the tiles - very cool!