Monday, December 29, 2008

Southern Cooking Keeps Ya Good Looking

There seems to be a theme to the Christmas gifts I received this Not that I am complaining. I love to cook and/or bake and then consume the goods. One look at me and my husband shows we do not turn away good food.
My son gave me this:
and this:
My husband gave me a set of Santoku knives. Love these knives. It's like cutting butter when using these knives.
My son absolutely loves his copy of The Lee Brothers Southern Cookbook. Could it be that he misses southern food? I think so. Every now and then he'll call and ask about some southern recipe he is yearning for. One of the gifts we gave him was a t-shirt from Grits and Groceries that said, "Southern Cooking Keeps You Good Looking". Anyhow, he recommended one of the collards recipe from my new cookbook.
He even offered to cook some for dinner.
Preparing Collards
He is using my new knife and red cast iron enamel dutch oven.
Quite tasty!

Talking about cooking...I have been wanting to try the No-Knead Bread recipe from the New York Times. So to give my new dutch oven a workout, I decided to try the recipe. Hate to admit this but I have made three loaves and am presently in the process of making the fourth. I plan to make one every day this last week of vacation and freezing them. This recipe makes a very crusty, hearty loaf of bread. Boy, with some Happy Cow butter....
NoKnead Bread NoKnead Bread NoKnead Bread NoKnead Bread


Beth said...

I always find good recipes and ideas when I come here! :) That bread looks fabulous. Yum!

Chris Worthy said...

Great gifts! And lovely photos from 2008.
We also had collards and Happy Cow butter yesterday... :)