Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

It seems that just the other day I was starting my summer break.
Come Monday, I'll begin a new school year. My position requires me to return before teachers and students. Students do not return for 2 1/2 weeks, and teachers return in one week. I am actually looking forward to seeing the students
Fire Drill
and my colleagues.

It will also be an interesting year. Many changes have occurred in our district due to the recent economy issues. Teachers have been moved, and positions have changed, but one thing never changes....the students.
8th graders

It has been a nice break. Besides enjoying the wonderful summer produce,

the beautiful flowers,

the local festivals,
Flower Festival1

the new recipes,
SpinachCouscousSalad Spinach Couscous Salad
SmoothieIceCreamPie Smoothie Ice Cream Pie

spending way too much time on the computer,

and our road trip to see our favorite person,

we have started a new backyard makeover,
Backyard During the Redo
Backyard Makeover
Backyard MakeOver

and I have actually gotten some knitting done.

As the saying goes: Time flies when you are having a good time.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Produce - Part 2

Summer produce is so enjoyable this time of year. What is also nice about summer produce is that it can be canned or frozen and enjoyed during the winter. This has been a great summer for canning and freezing. A few weeks ago, I canned 8 qts. of green beans,
and last week I froze 15 qts. of butterbeans
and 12 qts. of pinkeye peas.
I hope to freeze some tomatoes next week. I have canned tomatoes in the past but thought I would try freezing roasted tomatoes this year after reading this blog entry on roasted tomatoes at 4 Reluctant Entertainers recently. It sounds like they would be great for making spaghetti sauce this winter.

I also have enjoyed trying new recipes this summer. Here are a few that are what my hubby says are "keepers":
VanillaWafers2 VanillaWafers
Vanilla Wafers (Thanks, Rebecca-Ezra Pound Cake)
BasilGarlicCrust1 TomatoTart
Tomato Tart (Thanks, King Arthur Flour)
Homemade Pizza Dough (Thanks, Michelle - Brown Eyed Baker)
BakedShrimp with Feta
Baked Shrimp In Tomato Feta Sauce (Thanks, Elise - Simply Recipes)
BBQ Chicken
Summertime Barbecue Chicken (Thanks, Amy - Sing for Your Supper)
Who needs a recipe book when there are so many wonderful recipes on the web?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Easter Eggs and BBQ in July

We are well into the month of July (only 3 weeks left before I return to work.)and I have Easter eggs and BBQ on my mind. Strange, isn't it to be thinking about Easter eggs? Not so strange to be thinking BBQ. The reason for Easter eggs is this little plant with a pretty little purple flower.
This pretty little flower develops one of these:
EasterEggPlant1 Isn't that a cute little egg?
This is an Easter Egg plant which is actually a member of the potato family. Supposedly, the little white egg will eventually change into a yellow egg as it matures.

Thinking about barbeque this time of the year is not so strange. This weekend is the Festival of Discovery in my town. One of the features of this festival is the BBQ competition. People from all over the south arrive to compete in various forms of BBQ - ribs, brisket, hash, etc. This year the Food Network is here following some of the competitors. This afternoon we cruised the festival checking out the various vendors. Guess where my hubby and I will be looking for lunch tomorrow. Here are few photos from tonight.
Festival of Discovery 2009

Festival of Discovery 2009

Festival of Discovery 2009

Festival of Discovery 2009

Festival of Discovery 2009

Festival of Discovery 2009

Festival of Discovery 2009

Festival of Discovery 2009

Festival of Discovery 2009

Sewing update:
I finished a baby quilt and have started another one. Several friends will be birthing babies soon.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Summer Produce Makes Good Eating

Nothing is any better than produce in the summer time. Here is a small taste of what we have been enjoying in this house. (don't you wish you could taste these?)








I have been working on a few sewing and knitting projects, too. I am almost through hand quilting a baby quilt and knitting a baby sweater. Haven't got any pictures yet but will post some when I have completed them.