Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Fall - Ya'll

Are these not the cutest? I think so and I made them this weekend. So simple, too. I used letter stickers which can be found in scrapbook sections of craft stores and black tissue paper for the polka dots. The dots were glued with Mod Podge. Then the entire pumpkin (real pumpkins were used) was coated with Mod Podge. Once dried, I added the ribbon. These were so cute and so easy, I made one for my desk at school with my name on it and one with the school name on it for the main office.

Speaking of fall.... this is a terrific way to spend a fall afternoon with one's husband and son:
Shealys BBQ
a BBQ lunch,

State Fair3 State Fair5 Produce State Fair6 an afternoon at the state fair, and

Dad Son USC Football USC Stadium USC spirit USC spirit2 View from the Top an evening of football at the University of South Carolina, even if we were not winners.


Chris Worthy said...

Go cocks! :) We were at Disney World but still managed to sneak in a few minutes of ESPN. :)

Love the pumpkins.

Barbara said...

Hi Leslie,
Thanks for stopping by my site. Your Real pumpkins are adorable.

tipper said...

Love the pumpkins! Looks like a good time at the fair too.

Dana said...

Looks like a GREAT weekend for sure!

Beth said...

I enjoyed catching up on your last few posts. And I love the picture of your husband and son. I like how the background is out of focus and they're not.