Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dana and Tipper

Dana (Old Red Barn Co.)and Tipper (Blind Pig and The Acorn) are two of the many ladies whose blogs I enjoy reading. Both ladies live in one of my favorite places - the mountains, love their heritage and both are very talented women. Well, yesterday morning as is my usual routine, I am reading my local newspaper before getting ready for school. I flip to the middle of the 1st section, and what do I see??? An article on the energy crisis. Since conservation of our precious resources is important to me, I decide to glance at this article. Before I knew it, I realized I was reading an article that featured Dana. Yes, Dana of Old Red Barn. The Dana who periodically and graciously gives away beautiful quilts like this one back in July. I am impressed.


Then tonight I am reading the latest entry on Tipper's blog and listening to the beautiful music of her brother and her Pap. (There isn't any sound sweeter than the sound of good ole mountain music.) After the song, I scroll down the page. Low and behold, it turns out I won a prize - a crocheted Halloween spider and spider web hand crocheted by her granny. If you are jealous, you can visit her Etsy Shop. She has some extra spider/spider webs you could purchase. I know she would appreciate your business.
As I have said so many times, there are some wonderful ladies in this world wide thing called blogger cyberspace.

Looking forward to next week. My favorite son is coming home. Did I mentioned he is my only son? In fact, my only child. Oh, and did I mention I am the proud mother of a doctor? He is in his third year of residency in Philadelphia.
Dr Stewart
That is him on the left. Isn't he a cute fellow? A sweetie pie, too.
His mom and dad don't see him often. He was 1 1/2 more years as a resident. My prayer is that God will lead him to the southeast. Close enough to be able to visit him on a weekend without having to take an airplane

Update and news flash.....I am actually knitting again. it has taken awhile but I am back in the groove. I'll show you what I am working on later.


Dana said...

Leslie!! How cool are you? Seriously.

And you know what, Tipper is such a cool gal. I know her in real life and feel luckier as a result. Maybe you should take a drive up our way to say hello. :)

tipper said...

Yay for your son coming home-and he is cute and looks like a real sweetie pie!

Dana is taking the world by storm-I think she's headed for Hollywood next! She is always amazing me in her generosity and kindness.

I so hope you like the web-and thank you for the nice shout out! It's on its way to you as I write-so you should get it in a day or two.