Thursday, October 02, 2008

Welcomed Sight...Ahhhh!

Driving home yesterday, my eyes gazed upon a welcomed sight -


Our town experienced a gas shortage like so many in the south. I don't think it was as bad as some places like Atlanta and Charlotte. We never had long lines of cars waiting for gas nor people having to wait extended periods of time. Many of our stations were out of the higher grade gas but still had regular gas and a few stations actually sold completely out of all gas by the end of the week. This reminded me of a time in the 70's when I was in college and became stranded in Charleston due to no gas. I had gone home with a roommate to visit her parents. It extended our weekend visit by a few days. Needless to say, my parents were not too happy I had left school knowing there was a shortage of gas and then missing classes.

The warmth of fall colors is beginning to spread. On a short trip to Greenville yesterday, these are some of the sites that brought joy to my heart:
Changing Colors
Leaves changing colors
Sweet Taters
New crop of sweet potatoes (bought a bushel----love them taters!)
Hay Field
Fresh cut hay
Apple Pie3
Finally, a result of our short trip....homemade apple pie with mountain apples - yum!


Chris Worthy said...

Beautiful pictures! We are planning to get apples this weekend and I can't wait.

I commented last week that I had somehow been transported to 1976. It's easing a bit around here, but I was worried about getting the eldest to and from school last week. I think we should go to a four-day school week -- I bet you agree. :)

tipper said...

We've been having gas shortages here too-a real bummer. Love the pictures-the pie looks sooo good!

Dana said...

Look at that apple pie! Your crust is perfectly beautiful!! I hope you saved me a piece cause I'm on my way over now!

African Kelli said...

wowie! That is a gorgeous pie. So glad things are getting back on track. Hope you are well!