Friday, June 30, 2006

Pickles, Jam and a Warshrag

After all the problems with trying to find pickling lime with no success, I have finished a batch of sweet pickles. (8 pints) I am praying the Pickle Crisp will work as well as old fashion pickling lime. It took three days to make these pickles - soak in lime one day, soak in syrup one day and then pack and process the jars the last day.
Here is a sample of the final product along with a sample of some peach jam that I made. I haven't tasted the pickles yet but the jam is deeeelicious - especially with a hot biscuit.

I have been reading the Mason Dixon KAL for several weeks and have been so envious of all the projects various people have shared. I finally broke down and purchased the book, Mason Dixon Knitting. Here is the first first dishcloth (or as MD calls it - warshrag) I have knitted from this book.

Here is the beginnings of my second dishcloth. I am using left over cotton and plan to have pink and blue strips instead of the same color throughout the cloth.


Beth said...

How long do you have to wait to try the pickles? They look delicious, and so does the peach jam!

I've been wondering about buying that book, too. It was gone from Borders when I went back to look at it! I've been thinking about One Skein, too.

Charity said...

Mmmm mmmm! Peach jam on a hot biscuit! Sounds a lot like the southern version of my Canadian, homemade strawberry jam and butter on warm bread. Yum.

Wendy said...

I have knitted a few of those cloths and really enjoyed them, I had to give them away because I couldn't bear to use them. Those look great.

TllGurl said...

These cute warshrags are following me everywhere!!!
i've been trying to resist getting the MasonDixon Knitting book. If it was just the rags I found appealing, I could do it.
But no. There are a LOT of things in there I'd love to knit.
Cute warshrags.