Saturday, June 17, 2006

My Dad .....Many Many Years Ago

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Being that it is Father's Day weekend I have been thinking about my father a lot lately. He passed away 18 years ago and is dearly missed. There have been so many events in my life that I would have loved to see his the births of my nieces and nephews. My son was the only grandchild he knew. My son was around 10 when dad died, so he has fond memories of his grandpa. I am thankful for that. He would have loved every minute with his 8 grandchildren and they would have loved their grandpa. As far as my father was concerned the world would have revolved around each one of his grandhildren. And isn't that the way it should be? I know I have wonderful memories of my grandparents and the things we did. If you haven't already read Lynda's entry on memories of her grandparents and swizzle sticks, you need to visit. Her memories generated my own memories. Thanks, Lynda.

I love this picture of my father taken when he was in his 20s. It is in a drugstore in a tiny little town in South Carolina. He was quite the talker. I bet he spent many an hour in that store telling jokes and stories to the owner and customers. My father's family has a long history of being talkers.

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Beth said...

That's a great picture! We have talkers in our family, too. :)