Friday, June 09, 2006

Knitting?? Sewing?? Frustration Over...

Problem solved.....since I could not decide what to do, I did a couple a small projects:

Balloon bag (I actually started this last week), a couple of baby bibs, (I don't have anyone to model the bibs so I'm using a bell jar as my model - cute isn't it?)

a soap pocket (I haven't sewed the button on yet.The blue block is some handmade soap I found at a shop in Tennesee.) and a couple of tissue holders. ( I gave the first holder to my son's girlfriend - she loved it.)

Being fairly new at blogging, today was a first for me. I received a gift from a fellow blogger. I had commented at JoJo's blog and she mailed me some tags she created. I love them and can't wait to use them. Thanks Joanna! It was very kind of you to do this.


jojo* said...

Glad you got the tags! :) What a fun balloon bag. And the baby bibs are sweet. You know, the bell jar is cute, but I think you need to go to goodwill and buy yourself a big Barbie doll head. Ha ha!

Beth said...

Very nice projects! I can see why your son's girlfriend loved the tissue holder.

Elizabeth said...

What very nice projects you have completed. You know, when my little grandsons came along (12 months and 3 months now) I didn't think about knitting bibs. Good quick project that I'll have to try. Thanks for the idea.