Monday, June 19, 2006

Girly Burp Cloths...Maybe?

Burp Cloths
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Thanks to Elizabeth at My Favorite Things for sharing this idea of using diapers to make burp cloths. I loved the idea and so I tried it. The trim was edged in pink and had green trees. So I used green rickrack and pink ribbon. It wasn't until I had completed these cloths and was glowing in my accomplishment that I noticed that the trim had blue trains and pink houses. I immediately thought is for girls, right? But trains and houses for girls???? Oh, well. These were made for a newborn little girl in mind and that is who will receive these. Hope her mom and dad won't mind! Can't say I am stereotyping this little one, can I?


Theresa said...

I have always loved these! My grandma made some for me when my first daughter was born - almost 26 yrs. ago! When I was in the emb. business, I would embroider them, too. They last forever, and end up being great dustcloths!

Beth said...

If it makes you feel any better, my daughter loved Thomas the Tank Engine, backhoes, and other heavy machinery when she was little. :)

Lynda said...

I did the same thing 20+ years ago - they always made the best burp cloths!

Elizabeth said...

Aren't these fun to make. I had so much fun making mine and I'm glad to see that you jumped on the bandwagon. I still have to make some more for my other grandson!