Saturday, March 28, 2009

Here Comes the Sun

After what seems like a very long time of nothing but rain and more rain, guess what peeked out right before dusk.


The sun was a sight for sore eyes. Hopefully, tomorrow will bring more sunshine. I know these little things would appreciate some sunshine.


My gerber daisies are coming up. With some warmth from the sun I could be picking flowers soon.

Speaking of flowers. I have started a new quilt wall hanging for spring. With a little imagination you could say the squares look somewhat like flowers....maybe?

Spring Quilted Wallhanging

I still have the sash, quilting and binding to do.

Well, if you can't imagine flowers in the wall hanging, surely you can enjoy these.

Church of Resurrection3 Church of Resurrection2

The dogwoods, red buds and cherry trees have popped open this past week. Gorgeous beauties!

I have also noticed something else popping open all over our little city.

Sign of the Times

Sign of the this small strip building, all four businesses are selling dough. Only one business doesn't expect you to return the dough - the bread store. Ugh!

Can't close without sharing my recent dessert.

Lemon Buttermilk Pie2jpg Lemon Buttermilk Pie1
Lemon Buttermilk Pie
Lemon Buttermilk Pie



Beth said...

Lemon buttermilk pie sounds (and looks!) delicious!!!

We had lightning strike a house in our neighborhood yesterday. It was so close that I thought we got hit.

Chris Worthy said...

Those photos are all good for the soul. (OK, maybe not the lenders. :) ) I see you have Happy Cow buttermilk. I wonder how his strawberries are coming along this year.

tipper said...

I'm ready for some Carolina sun too! Granny just made that pie-you 2 must be on the same wave length :)