Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Briefly Sold To Me

Last Saturday was a gorgeous day to go to an auction.


I have been to a couple of auctions in the past but have never bid on anything. So, you can imagine my excitement when I "thought" I had actually bought an old rocker at this auction.


Apparently, someone goofed. The rocker I "thought" I had bought was also the rocker another person "thought" he had bought. The rocker was listed on my ticket and his ticket. His bid was $10.00 more than my bid. Soooooo...he got the rocker. Bummer!


This auction was at a beautiful old home that has not seen very much love and attention in a long time.


It had the neatest staircase. Part way up the case, the width of the stairs increases. At that point of the staircase, there is another set of steps leading downstairs to the first floor near the kitchen, a set of steps continuing to the second floor on the front side of the house and the wide stairs leading to the second floor on the back side of the house.

The house was auctioned off as well as all the belongings in the house. I hope the new owner of the house has a lot of money to restore the house. It could be quite the showcase.

Recently, I have been learning more editing techniques on Photoshop Elements. At the auction, I saw a former student of mine and her daughter. Precious little girl with beautiful eyes. Check this out....

Before PSE editing:

After PSE editing:


Chris Worthy said...

Wow -- I want that old typewriter on the table. Was that a local auction? The stained glass in that house -- gorgeous.

And what a beautiful photo of a beautiful girl.

Beth said...

Auctions are fun but nerve wracking! That house is so beautiful.

Your photo of the little girl is so nice. She's so cute and has the best eyes!

Memaw's memories said...

I love auctions, don't usually bid, but love going. I also love old houses. This one seems unusual with that staircase.

And those eyes are definitely beautiful.

Her daddy is going to have to hide her in a tower and cut her hair or the boys will worry him to death in a few years.