Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Quilt Giveaway

Dana, over at Old Red Barn, is up to her sweet,generous and gracious tricks again. She is giving away three, yes, three quilts. Not just any old quilts...we talking outstanding, gorgeous quilts. The kind of quilts that call out your name, begging you to curl up in these quilts on a cozy couch. Quilts just like these:

The rules are simple: First, visit her blog and leave a comment, Then, blog about the giveaway on your blog (just like I am doing), post the give away button on your blog (just like I have-----see look in the right margin), and create a video on why you want the a quilt and upload to YouTube(won't be able to do that - no video camera and my camera doesn't have video ability). Now, just because I can't create a video does not mean I am not in the drawings. See, Dana, gives four options to increase one's chance to win. For commenting on her blog, I earn one entry in the drawing, blogging about this giveaway, earns me 5 entries. Placing a button in the margin, I earn 5 more entries. If I could make a video, I would earn 50 more entries. Wish I could but I can't but having 11 chances to win one of these quilts is better than not entering at all. Deadline is Monday, November 17. Hurry, hurry, hurry..

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