Friday, August 01, 2008

So Long, Matlock


Monday I say goodbye, so long, see ya later gator to Matlock and hello to another year of middle school. Why goodbye to Matlock? Well, over summer break, I absolutely love to take a catnap while Matlock is on TV. There haven't been too many days where I wasn't able to do this. I do not know why I love Matlock. I know I have seen each episode a dozen times or more. It is just something about this program. Maybe it is his southern charm.

The summer has past quickly but I am actually looking forward to seeing all the young people at school and all my buddies. I haven't knitted much at all but have done some sewing this summer. Besides the potholders, towels, pin cushions and tissue holders I posted on an earlier post, I have also sewn:

Window toppers:
Window Topper Window Topper

Pillow with French Knots Pillow with French Knots
The pillows were made for the purpose of trying to find a way to save some of my mother's needlework. She had made about 12 panels each with a different design of French knots. I recall her saying many, many years ago, that she wanted to make a quilt. As I was cleaning out a closet, I came across these panels. Apparently, while cleaning out her house after she died, I had stuffed them into a back closet. My thoughts in making the pillows is to make one for each of her grandchildren, daughter-in-laws and myself. Don't know if her grandkids will appreciate it or not.

Another project I worked on this summer is getting photos organized. For whatever reason, when my grandparents died and then my parents died, I inherited a ton of photos. (Who am I kidding...I got all the photos because I am the only girl in my family! Three brothers - zero sisters)
Photos of my childhood,
Leslie Papa Leslie Brevard Watermelon Smile

photos of my parents' childhood,
CharlieJimBruce School picture - Virginia Virginia Charles on a Boat

photos of my parents as young adults before they were married,
Studying Charlie-styling

photos of great grandparents known and not known,
Granny - Ida Davis Thadeus Reid and Elizabeth McDill Blakely - Bessie's parents

photos of relatives I never knew nor ever met,
Will McKinney-Ida'sbrother Bessie Blakely Bolt - mom's mother

photos of forgotten memories.
Outdoor Lunches The Bolts

It hasn't been an easy task nor have I completed this task, but it has been a wonderful way to reflect on the journeys of my great grandparents, grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and to see how God's hands, love and grace has played out in my family and my life.


Beckynsc said...

I have been working on organizing all my pictures. Like you I have inherited all my family pictures. And it is not easy. But it is fun to recall the memories as I go through them.

Beth said...

I enjoyed reading what you wrote about your family's photos. And I love the picture of you in the pan! Too cute!

Chris Worthy said...

What a beautiful post! It is sobering to me to go through old photos and have no idea who is in the picture -- or even worse: to see an old photo in a thrift store. It is wonderful that you are preserving your family's heritage.

Tipper said...

I always liked Matlock too. I think the pillows turned out beautiful-and with such meaning. Very neat pictures you showed. I think family snapshots are some of the most interesting things in the world.

Memaw's memories said...

I found your blog on Blind Pig & The Acorn. I love what you are doing with the panels your mother's needlework. I hope everyone who gets one will appreciate what a treasure they have.