Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It Will Be Worth It

For the last two weeks, this is what life in my house has been like:
Removing Carpet Removing carpet
Sand Under Carpet Sweeping up all the sand/dirt that worked its way through the carpet these last 15 years (Why did I even vacuum?)
Removing Carpet Removing all the nails
Furniture Everywhere Furniture Everywhere Moving furniture and way too much stuff out of two rooms.
We are in the process of having our living room and dining room floors refinished. So far, they have been sanded and two coats applied to the floors.
Before Sanding Before
After Two Coats After two coats
I'm loving it even if it does smell. By Thursday evening, we'll be moving back the furniture. Oh, joy!


Beckynsc said...

I wish I had hard floors to refinish! I need to replace my carpet desperately. Eventually, I save up enough to have Pergo or something like that put in. They look great!

African Kelli said...

I'd say it was worth the effort! The final product is beautiful!

tipper said...

Wow-it is looking beautiful!! I know what you mean about the gunk you find under carptet-yuck!