Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Queen Anne's Lace

One of my favorite wildflowers is Queen Anne's Lace. Every summer when I spot these flowers growing along the roads, I get this urge to stop and pick the flowers. If you have ever picked these flowers, you know they are not easy to pick without scissors or a knife. And as luck usually has it, I never have scissors or a knife. This spring I have noticed some Queen Anne growing across the road from our new school. Since I am still working and schools have scissors, I picked myself some flowers this afternoon, brought them home and placed them on my mantle. Aren't they beautiful in the green glass vase? Every year I say I am going to collect the dried flowers for seeds and try to grow some in my flower bed.
Queen Anne's Lace

My mother used these flowers in her wedding bouquet. Wish I had a picture of her and her bouquet.

She spoke often of how as a young girl, she and her mother would pick them and place them in the same green glass vase. Sometimes they would add food coloring to dye the flowers.

Now for an update on my recent sewing and knitting projects:
I participated in an apron swap organized by Abby (A Feathered Nest)and made this apron -

This is a small dish scrubber made with cotton yarn and tulle. I knitted a small one to try out while washing dishes instead of my usual Scotch Brite pad.
So far, it is a hit according to my husband and assistant dishwasher.


Tipper said...

I had forgotten about adding food coloring to the flowers-thanks for reminding me. I love the wedding photo-so sweet!

I also think the scrubber is a great idea.

Jennifer said...

Leslie, I'm so excited to get to know you through this years swap. I love queen anne's lace too. When I was a little girl we lived by an open field and my mother would alway go out and pick queen anne's lace. Whenever I see some now it makes me think of my mother.

This isn't your first swap is it. That apron you made is so cute. From your blog I can tell that you are a very talented, creative person!

Beckynsc said...

I like queen anne's lace also. But my favorite picking flower is daisies.
You'll have to send me the pattern for the scrubber.
I make dish cloths and oven mitts.