Friday, June 27, 2008

Festival Of Flowers, Part 2

The garden tours during the Festival of Flowers were wonderful. My husband had never participated in these tours in the past. He agreed to go with me since my usual comrades were out of town. Here is a small sampling of what impressed us:

The boat was cut in half and used as a goldfish pond. Very creative.
SC Festival Of Flowers
Loved the wire rocking chairs and rooster. This gardener had some calla lilies that were 4 feet tall. Amazing! Mine are only 12 inches tall max! His entire backyard was divided into separate rooms, each featuring something different as the focal point.
SC Festival Of Flowers
The owner of this garden created all the sculptures in this yard.
SC Festival Of Flowers
This is the type of garden I would love to have. It was loaded with what I call "picking flowers" - roses, daisies, coneflowers, rubekia, bee balm etc.
SC Festival Of Flowers
This wonderful day ended with a night of bluegrass music, barbeque and ice cream.


Beth said...

I'm catching up on my blog reading and enjoyed reading all of your posts! They were all very interesting.

I went on a garden tour here in Atlanta a few years ago. Like the one you were on, the gardens were incredible. I should spend more time in my yard... :)

Tipper said...

Very neat tour! I love the sculptures. Wish I had one in my yard!

Beckynsc said...

A few of my favorite things!!
Flowers and bluegrass. Loved the sculptures. Interesting pond. I wonder how he keeps it from leaking if it's cut in half. haha