Saturday, May 03, 2008

Bicycle Racing


For several years, Greenwood has been one of the hosts of the USA Crits Speedweek. Bicycle criteriums are spectator-friendly bike racing venues that feature riders completing each lap in about 1 minute.
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I love being a spectator while inwardly wishing I was in the shape of these young people. Their strength and stamina is amazing.
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The women's race consists of 50 laps and the men's 70 laps. The course circles around the main portion of our uptown. It took the men about an hour and half to complete the race and the distance totaled a little over 100 miles. Whew!!
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Between the women's race and the men's race, they held a race for future criterium cyclists.
Little Chad_edited-1
Check out the look of determination on the face of this cutie pie!


Beth said...

Oh, he is such a cute little kid! The Tour de Georgia came through town today and I got to see some of the bikers. It was pretty neat to see them all racing.

Tipper said...

Oh I wish I was in that kind of shape too! The little guy is pure determination.

Dana said...

great photography. love how it captures the feeling of the racing and the day.