Thursday, May 22, 2008

Am I the Last To Know?

How many times have I pulled foil out of the box and the entire roll falls unwinding as it traveled across the kitchen floor? Too many times to count. Then trying to roll the foil back onto the roll is not possible without creating wrinkles. The other day I received an email from a friend to express her surprise to discover that many boxes of aluminum foil and plastic wrap have tabs on the ends of the boxes to prevent such mishaps. All one has to do is push in the tabs. Tabs just like this:
Something so simple. I am amazed. Where was I when the Home Ec. teacher discussed this? (I'm from the generation where we took home economics in high school.)Why didn't my mother ever tell me this? Wonder if she knew? Amazing...
CSC_0275 DSC_0180_edited-1

School is almost over for this year....YES!!!!! I love this time of year. Flowers are beginning to bloom in the yard. I have enjoyed taking pictures and then playing with Photoshop Elements 6. Something I recently learned was how to fix blemishes. The petals on this daylily had some imperfections. With a few clicks, magically the petals are looking better.
Picture right from the camera:
Before PSE
Picture after using PSE6:
After PSE

With school coming to an end, I have decided that I want to knit something different, a little more challenging and something to wear while I am home for a few weeks. This is what I am contemplating:
I'll keep you posted....


Beth said...

Wow, I'm blown away! I had no idea about the tabs either. I just checked our foil and we have tabs, too. Thanks!

I like your new project!

Tipper said...

Beautiful flowers! We are counting the days of school left too-9 for us and we can't wait!