Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spurrier, Little League ,and Grits and Groceries

It has been a long time since my husband and I had three "dates" in one week. Tuesday night, we joined some friends for barbeque at the fairgrounds in Laurens County to hear Steve Spurrier at the local Gamecock Club meeting. (Go Cocks!)

Friday night, we watched a friend's son pitch in a little league baseball game. It was a huge game for this team. The Storm (friend's team) played the River Dogs. Unfortunately, the River Dogs stomped the Storms the last time they played each other. It was a close one friday night but a disappointment for the Storm. They lost by 2 runs. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed watching little league games. Many a night in the spring months, we had watched our son play....20 years ago? Ugh...where does the time go?

Tonight my husband and I joined our neighbors for an evening of food, fun, fellowship and good ole blue grass music. Out in the country near Belton, SC at a crossroad sits a tiny little country store which has been converted into a restaurant called Grits and Groceries. The restaurant is only opened for breakfast and lunch but once a month they have what they call a dinner club with a different theme. Tonight it was a smoked theme: smoked salmon stew, smoked brisket, smoked chicken, and smoked sausage, salad, cornbread, potato salad, green beans and blackberry/apple cobbler with homemade ice cream made from fresh dairy products from my favorite dairy Happy Cow. Boy, oh, boy....delicious. People could eat either inside or outside under the old oak tree. On the front porch of this cozy little building was the entertainment - The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show.
Grits and Groceries
Grits and Groceries
DSC_0256 DSC_0257
There is just something about eating wonderful food outdoors with friends, sipping sweet iced tea and listening to the sounds of a banjo, bass fiddle, guitar and fiddle picking in the background.


Elspeth said...

any show with a banjo sounds good to me!

Beth said...

You've been having a lot of fun lately! The meal at Grits and Groceries sounds delicious!

Tipper said...

What fun! Wish I could have heard the music!

Chris Worthy said...

Steve Spurrier, grits and Happy Cow in that same post? It doesn't get any better. :) Go cocks!

By the way, over the last three days we have picked six gallons of chemical-free strawberries at Happy Cow. They are so plentiful and easy to pick. Get back over there before they are gone!

Tracy said...

Oh gosh, bet it was so fun sitting out listening to the music, I'd enjoy something like that sooooooo much!