Saturday, March 08, 2008

Haekelbeutel AKA Crocheted Summer Bag For Me

Haekelbeutel is German for crocheted know like this:
Mar. 7, 2008
This is my latest project and I love it. My very first project with granny squares. I found the pattern through Ravelry. I get so inspired when looking at the projects at Ravelry. The pattern called for 16 squares. I was able to crochet 2 or 3 squares a night. It was a fun project.
DSC_0741 DSC_0742 DSC_0743
I used cotton yarn and lined it with a yellow fabric and patched pockets.
I am hoping the lining will make it sturdy enough for me to use this bag as my spring bag. My only concern is the handle. I am wondering if it will stretch too much. I'll have to be conscious of what I haul around so as not to make it too heavy.

I received a couple of gifts this week. One was this apron from my Sassy Apron swap partner from Craft Monkey , Nada:
Sassy Apron Swap
The other gift was from Karyn at Trail Mix. I won some of her handmade soap by commenting on her blog.
Mar. 5, 2008
Thanks, Ladies! I know I will enjoy them!

Boy, has it been windy today. Just last weekend we spent the day in Greenville, SC and the weather was great for outdoors. We ate at one of our favorites places, walked through the park and enjoyed the sunshine.
Mar. 1, 2008 Mar. 1, 2008
This weekend if you stepped outside, the wind mght blow you away. Wind gusts were strong and cold. Brrr. But spring is ready to bust out in full force. Trees and flowers are budding. It is just a matter of time.


Karyn said...

I love your bag and I especially love the fact that you lined it!

And I'm glad you like the soap :)

craftmonkey said...

the bag is supercute! I'm glad the apron finally made it to you, hope you like it :)

Beth said...

Your bag is great! That's a lot of crocheting. :) We have had weird weather here in Atlanta, too. Isn't Mellow Mushroom a yummy place to eat? :)

Chris Worthy said...

Ah, Falls Park... It is beautiful, isn't it? It is a great picnic spot, too.

Theresa said...

I bet Falls Park is beautful now - I just saw this post. I'm a little slow on the uptake!