Monday, January 22, 2007

Knit Mitt Kit Swap

I received my package from my Knit Mitt Kit partner today. It was fantastic. Kiki, from Germany send me this:
Knit Mitt Kit from Kiki
It included these:
Knit Mitt KitKnit Mitt KitKnit Mitt KitKnit Mitt Kit
A beautiful knitted bag with gorgeous beaded markers, cute little walnut pincushion, a precious knitted rabbit along with chocolate, cookies, a notebook, tiny bamboo double pointed knitting needles, two patterns, lotion, and 4 skeins of wool yarn. I wish my photography really showed how beautiful these gifts are. Thank you very much, Kiki.

For Christmas this year, my dear sweet husband gave me a new sewing/embroidery machine. Here is one of my first few sewing projects (apron) where I sewed with the embroidery part of the machine. Apron Not bad for being a beginner. However, I am learning lessons along the way.
Lesson #1 Do not rush when trying to embroidery or else the outcome will be sad and pitiful.
Lesson #2 When in doubt, use stablilizer.
Lesson #3 There are certain steps to take to set up the machine to embroider or else the machine will not be happy.
Lesson #4 Embroidery is fun!


Karyn said...

Ohhhh...I'm jealous!!! Your bag looks terrific, I bet machine embroidery is fun (and frustrating at first)!

Katie said...

Yay! Another machine embroidery convert! I love, love the patchwork bag.

Catrina said...

I'd love to have an embroidery machine. Your one lucky girl :)