Thursday, January 18, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

It has been awhile since I've written. Don't really know why except that I've been busy. Athough if you asked what I have been doing, I don't know if I could tell you. It isn't a big secret. It's just I can't recall exactly what I have been doing. Well,maybe I can. I have started a weekly Beth Moore study on Daniel. Excellent study. She always amazes me with her perspective.

I also am learning Excel with a group of teachers once a week. Hopefully I can master more than just sorting, and basic calculations. It will help simplify some of my responsibilites if I can move behind these basic skills.

In between these activites, I have been reading some of my favorite blogs, trying to change my banner (not happy with it), and trying to decide if I should stay with Blogger or purchase an account with one of the other blogging sites.
Any thoughts out there on blog services? It would be greatly appreciated.

So what else have I been up to? How about this...
Black Wool Bag
Bag made with wool fabric purchased during my visited to Fabric Row in Philadelphia.

Bag was made for Knit Mitt Kit swap. Pattern was in Quilts and More magazine. For the swap I had to make a tote bag, and then fill it with yarn, and a mitten pattern. I can't wait to see what my kit will include.


Karyn said...

I LOVE your new banner and I'd be very curious about the results of your informal poll about blogs.

Also...I love your bags and I'm glad to see you back!!!

African Kelli said...

Pretty bag and what a fun swap! Can't wait to see what you receive.

Anonymous said...

hope you don´t have wait too long & everything will arrive soon!
have a geat weekend

Beth said...

I love the fabric for your Knit Mitt Kit tote. Both of your bags are very nice.

I've only used Typepad, so I can't compare it to other services. But, I've been very happy with their service.

deb said...

Love that bag!

Thanks for coming to visit my blog. I love seeing all the creativity in blogland!