Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Is It 2007 Already?

My, how time flies when you are having a good time....I can't believe it is 2007 already. It seems like just the other day everyone was talking about Y2K. I don't usually have resolutions at the beginning of the year, but I do think about things I would like to improve in my life - more time reading God's Word, being more organized with housekeeping, taking better care of my health, etc.

So what have I been up to lately? Well, I shared the Christmas holidays with family and friends, cooked two large meals (one for my husband's family and then another for my family), sewed on my new sewing machine (thanks, honey - I love it!), and enjoyed precious time with my son who was home for a brief 4 days. My two sisters-in-law and two nieces went crazy over the sewn and felted bags I made for them. And I finally finished the Lucy bag which I started in the summer.
Before: Lucy Before
After:Lucy After I guess I should have place something next to these pictures for perspective. The "before" bag was huge. I used Reynolds Harvest Tweed wool and was very pleased with how it turned out.

Tomorrow, I return to school. Since New Year's Day, I have been trying to get some house chores done, so I was determined to do something crafty today and to decide what my next knitting project would be. I decided to try a baby sweater. This will be my first attempt. I have made the baby kimono in the Mason Dixion book but never a "real" sweater. I'll post later as I work on this. The crafty items I completed today are these:
Matchbox NotepadMatchbox Notepad
This matchbox notepad is about 2 inches in size and so cute.

I, also, started making some mini clipboards for our school board. In a few weeks it is School Board Appreciation week, and my principal asked me to make something for them. So I played around with some small clipboards/paper and this is the result.

Well, enough of is time to knit!


Anonymous said...

Genius craft woman! Hope school is wonderful! I'm already exhausted and it's only the 2nd day back. Phew.

Beth said...

Your projects all look great! And those matchbox notepads are really neat.

jojo* said...

Cute cute things! Tell me more about the clipboard process. Did you decoupage?

Anonymous said...

dear leslie,

so lovely things!!
soon your knit-mitt-kit will be on its way - have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Somehow I managed to miss this post! I love your clipboards!!! SOOOO cute!