Sunday, December 17, 2006

Merry Christmas


Just a few days before Christmas. Thought I would give you a small tour of my decorations.
IM000083 IM000081
This simple little nativity was made by my mom. She made a set for me and my three brothers one year for Christmas. The NOEL figurines were my grandmother's. We (her grandchildren) use to rearrange the NOEL into LEON every Christmas. Drove her crazy.
Our tiny little tree. It is only 6 feet tall but since I am the one who decorates it and I have no children at home to help with the decorations, it is big enough for me. My husband's contribution every year is to set it up on the stand and place it in the house. Here are some of my ornaments. The past few years I have not used the usual ornaments. I have tried a more coordinated look instead of the mixture of ornaments used while my son was growing up.
IM000069 IM000074
The snowflakes and the angel on top were crocheted by my mom.
IM000072 IM000071 IM000070 Can you tell that I get very sentimental during Christmas? So many wonderful memories. I love pulling out decorations and recalling the memories.

This year will be a very different Christmas. It will be the first time we have not had our son home on Christmas morning. He won't get home until Dec. 28. We still will have the usual large Christmas breakfast with my father-in-law, and on Christmas eve night, we will celebrate with my husband's family. My family (2 of my brothers and their families) and my son's girlfriend will celebrate on Dec. 30. They wanted to wait on my son and his girlfriend before getting together.

Only three and half more days of school before Christmas break....looking forward to the time off. I'll be busy this week getting some baking done and last minutes gifts together for friends at school. Looking foward to all of it.


Beth said...

Nice decorations and your tree is very pretty!

Karyn said...

I love your tree, very pretty. I especially love the snowflake decorations!

Daisy Cottage said...

So nice to visit your blog for the first time. I love your decorations and agree with you about the sentimental side of the blessed day... your Mom's snowflakes are precious.