Friday, December 08, 2006

Handmade Christmas Swap - Love It, Love It!

Back in the fall, Beth organized a swap for handmade Christmas gifts. Today I received some the coolest items from my swap partner, Patti. As usual I feel like I received the better end of the swap. In my package I received these:
Patti noticed that I tried to win a set of toile notecards a couple of times and was unsuccessful. So she made some for me. How thoughtful is that?

Then she designed and made this adorable frame.
IM000055 IM000057
The mat is knitted...not paper - yarn....amazing. Here is my feeble attempt of photographing the detailed work. Not very focused, is it?

Finally, she sends me 20 origami paper balloons to place over 20 mini lights. I was so excited, I used some mini lights I have on my mantel to see how it looks. Isn't it this sweet? The picture doesn't show how the light glows through the paper. And won't it look great once all 20 are placed over the lights?
Thanks, Patti for the wonderful package and thanks, Beth for organzing this swap. It was so much fun.


Karyn said...

What a great package!! I especially love the origami light covers. Awesome!

Beth said...

What a nice package! I've never seen origami light covers. I bet they are beautiful on the lights. And the cards and picture mat are great, too!

Anonymous said...