Sunday, October 01, 2006

Corners of My World

I have seen several people post pictures of various spots throughout their home. Recently Autum posted a pictorial entry of views throughout her home and in her town. I thought I would share a few corners in my home....not too many because I have to admit my house has been somewhat neglected. The weekends have been spent with my husband going to college football games. So chores have been neglected. are a few:
My Corner This is my corner where I knit, watch TV and nap. I love this chair. So comfy!

Sewing Corner This is my corner where I sew. I wish I had more space. I have to go to a different room to cut and press the fabric.

And speaking of sewing. I have started my fall table runner. It's a circular runner. Pumpkins will be appliqued in the inner circle. It has been a week since I started it. I plan to get back to it this week. I'm afraid if I wait too much longer, time will pass and it will be time to pull Christmas stuff. Fall Table Runner

I have started a Garterlac dishcloth using the pattern from Criminy Jickets
Garterlac It is hard to see the details in the photo. I am using a white variegated Sugar'n Cream. It is a fun pattern.

I also have completed a brown and blue dishloth using a beaded pattern from CatKnitz.
Beaded Dishcloth This, too, is a fun pattern.

While taking a couple of pictures of corners in my home, I discovered that I had several corners with baskets of yarn.
Yarn Corner #1Yarn Corner #2Yarn Corner #3Yarn Corner #4 Well, obviously I don't need to shop for yarn anytime soon.
I hope tomorrow I can take photos of my trip to work and share my town with you. It is a neat town although I wish it had more places to shop.


Beth said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Thanks for the tour of your home! I enjoyed it. :)

Patricia said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that sews at the table! Thanks for sharing.