Sunday, October 08, 2006

Happy Fall Ya'll - The Taters Have Been Dug

I love sweet potatoes and the time for digging up taters has arrived. This is just a few of the potatoes I have bought for this fall and winter.
Sweet TatersThere is a locate farm where I buy these every year. They taste so much better than those bought in the grocery store....sweet potatoe souffle, sweet potatoe pie, baked sweet potatoes, candied sweet these taters!

I received my International Tote Exchange bag from Laurie on friday. International Tote Gift IInternational Tote Knitting MarkersIt is a very generous sized tote in brown with gold and green stripes. She also sewed a leather strap on it. Very nice gift. Inside the bag were some note cards, post its and a very nice set of knitting markers. Thanks Laurie. If you look closely in the picture of the tote, you can see a picture of my son....the doctor. I sure do miss him. He is a first year resident in emergency medicine in Philadelphia. My husband and I will be visiting him in a couple of weeks. We haven't seen him since June and I do miss him.

Projects completed this week:
Stripe BibIM000280IM000281IM000288IM000287IM000282
A baby bib, and several tissue holders.

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Beth said...

Your tissue holders are very cute! And I'm envious that you have nice sweet potatoes. Yum!