Saturday, January 24, 2009

What's For Dinner?


One of my goals for this year (notice I didn't say New Year's Resolution - if it's a goal, I might stick with it longer.) is to plan weekly menus for dinner each week. I find if I take the time to do this, I am less likely to not cook and just go out to eat. On my iGoogle page on my browser, I have a Google calendar dedicated to my menus. Now, when I get home in the afternoons, I am not dreading the dinner routine. So far, we have only gone out to eat on Fridays or Saturdays - once a week instead of 2 or 3 times a week. This week we went to The Village Grill, one of my favorite places to dine.

The Village Grill The Village Grill The Village Grill The Village Grill
Their specials are always unique and very tasty.

I finally finished the log cabin table runner tonight.
Quilted Table Runner

It was placed on the back burner because of these:
Felted Bowl Felted Bowl
and this:

Felted bag

I can easily be distracted.


Theresa said...

You've been so busy! I love the table runner. Could it be that you're a Gamecock fan? Is that what those garnet hats in the year post were proclaiming? Maybe I need to send you a pretty orange hat or something!!

Memaw's memories said...

Your table runner is really pretty. Looks like you are multi-talented and do very nice work.

Chris Worthy said...

OK, the project are gorgeous but are those your SPICES? I can't get past that picture. That is amazing. My spices are the most disorganized part of my kitchen and it's driving me nuts.

(And please don't send her anything orange. Some of us are highly allergic. :) )

Chris Worthy said...

Projects, plural. I liked them all. I haven't had coffee yet. :)

Tipper said...

Love the bag and the other things you've created! The meal plan sounds like a good idea.

Dana said...

You are always so productive. What are the green knitted things? My guess is a wrist cuff? If so, I want some!! :)

Patty H. said...

Hi, found you thru Tippers blog.
I'm up here in NC. Been trying that menu thing myself, so far, so good.
The table runner is very pretty!

Beth said...

Your table runner is beautiful!!! You must be so happy with it. I love the felted projects, too.

The menu planning is helping me, too. Last night we were rushed and it was so nice to just glance at the menu and pull everythng together.