Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Secret Is

Do you know the trick and secret for excellent caramel cake?

Today several ladies from church gathered at a friend's house for a cooking lesson won from a mission trip fund raising auction earlier in the year. Linda, the baker, brought the cake, the ingredients for the frosting, the recipe and the secret to the perfect caramel frosting. You do know the secret, don't you?

It isn't the isn't the isn't even the's the pan that is used in cooking the frosting.

Caramel Pan

It can't be too thin or else the frosting won't cook correctly.

Her son swears that if he was given caramel frosting prepared in different pans including THE PAN, he would be able to tell which one was cooked in THE PAN. When he married he wanted her caramel cake for his groom's cake. The wedding was out of town, so she had to take THE PAN with her and make the frosting in the hotel room. I think she said she had to frost six cakes in a little kitchenette in that hotel room.
Needless to say, the lesson was very well received and the cake was wonderful.

Caramel Frosting

Knitting update: I have completed my first project for the new year. Knitted Puffy

Knitted Puffy Knitted Puffy
From One Skein: 30 Quick Projects to Knit by Leigh Radford I used a cotton yarn for this project. Not sure how it will do when used in the shower. I ordered and have received the yarn (Aloo) the author used in the book. It is a natural plant fiber with a different texture. It looks and feels quite different from any yarn I have ever used. I think I'm going to like it better for something to bathe with.


Beth said...

The cake does look tasty! And I like your puffy!

Tipper said...

Must be why sometimes my Carmel icing has come out great sometimes not.