Friday, February 16, 2007

Spring is in The Air....I think?

Even though we have not had the weather like some parts of the US, it has been what we southerners consider a little on the cold side. Yes, I know we can be wimps sometimes when it comes to cold weather and right now I guess I am being a little wimpy.....I am ready for spring. I noticed the other evening that there was a hint of light in the sky around 6:00pm. That is a definite sign that spring is on its way. Then one day this week I spotted daffodils blooming in the yard. Yes!! Spring is on its way.

This week my son, the doctor, (I'm so proud of him) turned 30. For some reason it bothered me that I now have a 30 year old son. Time keeps marching on and it seems to slip by without me realizing it. Speaking of the doctor - I had an appointment last week to have my LDL, HDL, etc checked.(you know the stuff doctors check when your children turn 30 -ugh!) While I was there I talked with my doctor about some pain in my back, numbness in my feet. (Sciatic nerve - once again feeling old kind of stuff) Anyway, I told my son about my visit. He started asking me questions as to what the doctor checked, what questions he asked, etc. I got so tickled at him. It was like he was checking behind this doctor who has been in practice 10 years or more.
Enough of the feeling old...I have been fairly busy with my favorite pastimes.
IM000142 I have made a few of these pencil sleeves for some ladies in our Beth Moore Bible study. Thanks to Rachel at element of de-tale for sharing this idea and the links. They were so easy to make.

I have felted a new bag and I got it right this time. It isn't too wide and just the right size for me. I used a different pattern instead of the Lucy Bag pattern. I think the pattern is called Run Amok Hobo bag.
IM000149 I thought I would try to line this bag. I do not want to buy something new for the lining, so I am trying to decide between these:

I have also felted a small pouch for the school's camera. I actually crocheted this pouch. I thought it turned out rather cute.

I also went crossed eyed trying my skills at making earrings. Here are a couple of them:

Presently, I am knitting this cute little red bag from Jan-Knit's Free Patterns blog. I have completed the front and am planning to have the back finished tonight. This is a felted pattern where you felt the parts before sewing it together. Not sure how it will do for me but we'll see.

Awhile back I talked about visiting our state prison to order furniture for our new school. While I was there, I found out that the inmates had a framing shop. I sent a photo to them for framing, told them I wanted the mats to bring out the green and yellow in the photo and the frame to be a dark wood. I gambled on how it would turn out. It is a picture of our state bird and flower. I received it this week.IM000141
I know you can't see it close up but trust me when I say, it was gorgeous.


Lynda said...

My daffodils are up, too! How cute is it that your son was checking up on your doctor!

Beth said...

The framing for your picture did turn out very well! And I'm glad you're happy with your new bag. That's such a cute picture of your son. :)

lauriec said...

We've had daffodils up for about 3 weeks---insane!!!

You should be proud of your son! You did a wonderful job raising him!

lainehmann said...

Love that pencil sleeve! What a great idea! Which of Beth Moore's studies are you doing? I see them at the bookstore all the time but have yet to pick one up. My Bible study partner and I are doing one on "decisions" right now... I think it's Zondervan. Not sure.
Anyway, i am rambling! Thank you for sharing all your crafty projects!