Thursday, February 01, 2007

Happy But Disappointed

Knitting and felting....sometimes I wonder why I take chances. I am not the type of person who gambles. If I am going to throw away money, I'd rather spend it on something tangible. Nor am I one who enjoys taking chances. I have a hard time making decisions no matter how major or minor the decision is. So why do I knit something, felt it all the while knowing I am taking a chance with how it will felt and then be disappointed in the outcome? Why do I torture myself? Ugh! The last three knitting/felting projects (bags) resulted in being happy with one and very unhappy and disappointed with the other two. The two disappointments were for me. Thank goodness, the one that I loved was an intended gift. I really had a hard time giving it up but I had already shown it to the recipient as I was working on it. Which makes me wonder....why? Why do I do this? Why has it turned out this way? This latest disappointment was exactly like the one that I loved and gave as a gift. Yeah, I know I used a different type of yarn. The major difference other than color was the thickness of the two yarns. It was the same size in the prefelting stage. I loved how it felted but it was too wide for me. That is exactly what happened to the other disappointed one - too wide. Lucky for my sister-in-law, she loved it when I showed it to her. So I gave it to her and received some satisfaction in the idea that someone wanted it.

So I guess you are wondering what does the bag look like? Here it is before felting:
Before Gray Lucy Bag

and here it is the bag after felting:

After Gray Lucy Bag
In the picture it does not look too wide at all, does it? That is because I tucked it in and arranged it trying to figure out if there was anything I could do to make it work for me. No luck. Oh, well. I do know someone at work who would love it.

So, how is the weather treating everyone? I woke up this morning to this:
and I was able to stay home was cancelled. Yes! Although all I have thought about was how disappointed I am that I don't have a new felted bag. :(


MaryAnn said...

Here's good news: I meant that I should have ELEVEN swap partners for the fabric challenge. Wouldn't you know it, YOU are #11! hee hee

Karyn said...

I've made several felted bags, some were successful, some were HUGE failures. Felting is not for the fiant at heart. Having said that, I think your bag looks awesome. It's too bad it's too wide :(

Beth said...

I'm sorry you're bag didn't turn out as you expected. I know that's disappointing. Can you cut it, sew it, then do blanket stitch around the cut edge?

One of the totes I felted last year turned out HUGE, partially because of the yarn I used. I think I should cut and sew that one. It's been hanging in my sewing room since I made it.

I hope your next bag turns out just the way you want it!