Monday, July 17, 2006

"Snap Crackle Pop" Waffles

The other day I was looking at the August/September issue of Cook's Country. The article "Extra-Light, Extra Crispy Waffles" caught my eye since everytime I try to make waffles they are not light and crispy, much less extra-light and extra-crispy. The article explained in detail how she experimented with various recipes, ingredients and techniques to get the best results. While eating Rice Krispie Treats, the author decided to add some Rice Krispies to the waffle batter to see if the end result would be crispy waffles. Long story short.....I think it is time to let go of my Eggos.

Rice Krispie Waffles

They were terrific,"extra-light, and extra-crispy".


jojo* said...

Never would have thought to add rice crispies. That's brilliant. Will have to tell my hubby--he's the waffle maker in our family :)

MaryAnn said...

Ha ha! This is a hilarious post:) My waffles are not "extra" anything either!