Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Generous Gals in Blogland

Generous Gals in Blogland are everywhere. Here are some examples that I have personally enjoyed this week:
1) A few weeks ago I was cruising through various blogs and was the first to comment on ie's entry. She sent me this gorgeous green purse all the way from Norway.
2) I order a Japanese craft book from from Alexia (Craftopia) and she sent me a fabulous piece of fabric as an extra surprise.
3) To Knit or Crochet swap and Fabirc Square swap have also given me various of items to play with. Thanks Katie for organizing these swaps.

This is just a small example. Amazing and wonderful. When I return to school in just a few weeks from now (ugh!), I will have a lot to share with my buddies. Thanks to all.

Now...what have I been up to????? I am a new great aunt. My niece had a little fellow yesterday morning. A few of the bibs and burp clothes I have made this summer will be used by that little guy. I told my niece she will be my guinnea pig....test these items out and let me know if they fall apart....hopefully not!

I also had completed another patchwork purse in pastels. It is hard to see but I even included a fabric flower. HeeHee....I love it! Can you see the bubble gum machine in the back of the picture? That machine used to be in my father's grocery store. It still works. Don't know why I am telling you this.

Lastly, I never posted the market bag I was working on for my son. It is finished and has been mailed to him.
Greenw Market Bag
Sure hope it will hold a few items when he shops the corner grocery store in Philadelphia.


Lynda said...

Knit bloggers are the best people!

I love the bubble gum machine!

Beth said...

I really want to make a bag like that soon. And your market bag turned out so great!

cecilie said...

So glad the purse arrived safely! Would have included some other goodies, but I was in a real hurry. Love bubble gum machines like that! :) and congrats on being a great aunt!

Charity said...

What awesome gifts! How nice :0)
I really like the market bag... I have one of those on the to do list. What pattern did you use?

Wendy said...

The bag from norway is gorgeous and so is yours. How much money do we need to send you to get a piece of bubble gum from that wonderful machine? I'm glad to hear you have crocs :o)

jojo* said...

Love that bag you made! It beautiful.

lindiepindie said...

Yeah - I've found crafty bloggers to be incredibly nice and generous as well.

I really like the colors on your quilted purse. Nice flower, too - I've had a hard time making a nice flower. That patchwork pattern is addicting. I'm on my 3rd one!