Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yellow Haze

Spring was arrived. I know this not because of these....



Bradford Pear

but because of these and other trees.
Pine Pollen

The pollen count has been exceptionally heavy this spring.
Yellow Pollen Clouds

Yellow Pollen Clouds

So much pollen that it appears as a yellow haze, little puffs of yellow clouds with every little breeze. Achoo! Sniff, sniff!


Beth said...

I absolutely love all the flower photos in this post!

We were in Florida this week and I think we missed a lot of the pollen. I heard we got a lot of rain on Thursday that must have washed a lot of it away.

Tai said...

Pollen kills me every year (headaches, nasal stoppages, etc). I don't know what's wrong, but not so much as a runny nose this year.

Very strange.