Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lamp ReDo

Amazing what a little spray paint and a new shade can do for a lamp.
I have been wanting to get rid of this lamp for some time now. I read recently on several blogs how spray paint could be used to change the appearance of lamps. (These same blogs have been spray paintng plates and platters, too. Just may have to try that on another day.) It looked easy and I thought I would have nothing to lose. So after purchasing a new shade and some spray paint,
then taping the area I did not want to paint,

this is the result:


What do you think? Not bad! Looks pretty good and definitely different. Just may have to try this idea on a few other old lamps laying around this house.


Shirley said...

They do it all the time on HGTV so why shouldn't you. I think it looks great. If you are like me, it's difficult throwing out a lamp that is in good shape just because it doesn't look like I want it to anymore.

Mary said...

A very definite improvement.