Thursday, April 30, 2009

"I'm Writing from BlogHer..."

It pays to make comments on blogs.

A couple of weeks ago, while reading BlogHer, I noticed a sweepstakes for Fage, a natural Greek yogurt. It just so happened that I also had been looking at some recipes that called for Greek yogurt. I have never tried Greek yogurt and have looked for it in my local grocery stores. No luck - none of the stores in this town sells this type of yogurt. So this sweepstakes caught my eye. All the BlogHer Fage Yogurt sweepstakes required was for readers to make a comment and once a day from April 7 through May 6, a random commenter would win a case of Fage Yogurt. A couple of days after making a comment, I received an email saying, "I'm writing from BlogHer to inform you that you have been selected at random as one of our daily winners for the Dive into FAGE TOTAL daily sweepstakes! " Guess what arrived today?

DSC_0153Fage Yogurt
Fage Yogurt
Fage Yogurt

After sampling Classic with honey and Classic with strawberries, my husband and I think it is rather yummy! Thanks, Fage and BlogHer for your generosity! Now off to find some recipes to use the plain Classic yogurts. :)

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Chris Worthy said...

Hey! Congratulations! That yogurt needs some fresh mint and warm pita bread. That's what it needs. :)