Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Being Crafty and Psyched

It has been a whirlwind since returning from our trip and then immediately starting school. Haven't done much with my knitting or sewing except for this baby bib. I made it for a neighbor who wanted to give it to a friend. The pattern called for two colors but I played around with using several colors and was very pleased with how it turned out.
I also have made a belt out of yoyos. I saw a belt like this selling in a gift store for $22 and thought how cheap it would be to make one. The store owner said she has sold many of them. Boy, is someone making a killing on a few scraps of fabric? Naturally, I examined the belt closely and then proceeded to make one myself. 25 one inch yoyos and some cording = a cute belt.

I am the webmaster at my school and since I have had such a great time blogging at home, I approached our principal about placing a link to a blog for our school. I have submitted two entries so far. It has been fun reading the comments from students, parents and teachers about different items on the blog.

This picture makes it looks as though there isn't a tree in sight. Quite the contrary. Our new building is a fairly large facility. When students change classes, the halls are no longer crowded as it was in the old building and we are all in the same building. We had 10 portables at the old school. We now have 6 new science labs where before we had to share one lab. The four halls in this building are in the shape of an X. From the center of the school to the end of one hall and back is one tenth of a mile. Whew! On the first day of school, I logged 4 miles on my pedometer. I could go on and on but....Can you tell I'm psyched about our new school?

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Beth said...

I love that bib and the three colors you used! What pattern did you use? And when I showed the yo-yo belt to my daughter...well, guess who wants one now?! LOL! Guess I'd better start making yo-yos!

Your new school sounds wonderful!