Friday, July 27, 2007

Busy as a Bee

iStock_000000210398XSmallBefore I share with you all that I have done the pass few days, check this out. A flipbook that shows you how to knit from

In a week, my husband and I are taking our first trip out of the US. We are traveling to Honduras to visit my older brother and his family. I have never met his oldest daughter. He adopted her several years ago, so I am very excited to see this child in person. I know her only by telephone and email. We are meeting another brother of mine and his daughter in Miami and flying down to Honduras together. They will be flying back from Bolivia after spending 2 weeks on a mission trip with the youth from his church in NC. They were missionaries in Bolivia for 4 years and every year return with his youth group to work on something for that community in Bolivia. His wife and 2 sons did not go on the Bolivia trip nor will be making the trip to Honduras. Wish they could. There is a third brother of mine and his family who won't be able to go to Honduras either. Wish they could, too. Anywhoooo, I am jazzed and a little nervous about this trip. Older brother and family live in Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras. He is an engineer and builds mines in various places in Central, South and North America. He recently finished a project in Peru and is actually working in Arizona presently. He has lived in Honduras for 10 or more years. After marrying a wonderful Honduran woman, he adopted her daughter and together they had another daughter. He keeps telling me that where he lives isn't going to be anything like I think it is going to be. As it turns out, both of these girls will be having a birthday while we are visitng. So not only will we be meeting the older daughter, we will get to meet all of his in-laws. This will be quite interesting because my husband and I speak absolutely no Spanish. The other brother and daughter do speak some Spanish from living in Bolivia and, of course, older brother is fluent in Spanish. We are counting on them to be our translators.

Here are a couple of little gifts made for my youngest Honduran niece -
DSC00387 DSC00388 DSC00385 DSC00391
A pencil roll and pouch made with Raggedy Ann fabric. Hopefully I can find a Raggedy Ann book to go along with it.

I also have made a couple of bibs for the child of a young couple who are medical missionaries somewhere in Honduras. The once missionary brother of mine will be visiting these people while we are in Honduras.
DSC00398 DSC00400
This almost completed bib is adapted from the Nubbins Dishcloth pattern. I love the nubbins at the end of each row.
Look familiar?

I also have been sewing a few little items just because. No particular reason. Tissue holders, pin cushion and sewing needle holder.
DSC00381 DSC00384 DSC00397


Karyn said...

You sure have been busy!!! All your projects are amazing!! I think my very favourite is the pincushion. I love that fabric!!

Raesha D said...

WOW!! You have been super busy. Have a wondeful and safe trip!!

Beth said...

You've been busy! I love the detail you've put into your tissue holders. All of your projects look great! Have a great and safe trip!

African Kelli said...

Oh my gosh! How awesome! I work in Bolivia regularly and live in Arizona. Small world.
I am just certain they are going to be wowed by your beautiful gifts. I hope your trip is a great adventure!