Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Liquid/Solid Sunshine

After a very dry May, it has finally rained numerous times in June. In fact, the other afternoon we had not only liquid sunshine (rain) but we had some solid sunshine (hail).
DSC00295 It was marble sized hail and lucky it didn't last long nor harmed anything. (My hand looks so old...ugh!) Anyway, this is what happens when the earth's thirst is quenched...
DSC00289 DSC00287 DSC00277 DSC00285 My flowers in the yard have been beautiful.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time off this summer. I haven't blogged much on my blog, but I still take time just about every day reading all my favorite blogs. I am in the midst of trying to do some quilting (pictures later). I also have been combining some crocheting with beading.
DSC00318 DSC00319 DSC00321 The idea for these crocheted bowls came from Uncommon Threads on DIY. The blue bowl makes a nice container for the earrings I have made recently.

Tomorrow my husband and I are getting our shots for our trip to Honduras in August. I have a brother who lives in Honduras and I have never visited him. In fact, I have never been out of the country. We will be meeting another brother of mine and his daughter in Miami and together we will fiy down to visit for a week.

One trip that I will not be able to make this summer is a trip to Philadelphia to visit our son, the doctor. He is completing his 1st year of residency in emergency medicine the end of this month. His schedule does not make it feasible for my husband and I to visit. I hate not seeing him for so long.


Beth said...

Your flowers are beautiful and I like your crocheted projects, too!

We're trying to decide whether to visit our families in Ohio this summer. We usually go up each summer and if we don't, it will end up being 2 years between visits. That's too long, but none of us really want to make the trip.

lynda said...

hee - at first I just glanced at your first picture without reading and thought you were holding teeth!

The bowls are beautiful!

Rhoda said...

Hi, Leslie, thanks for taking the time to let me know you read my blog! I love to hear from new people who stop by & I'm glad you are enjoying it. That gives me incentive to keep on going. I see you are creative with knitting (something I've never done!). Enjoy your summer off & please stop by often.

Southern HOspitality

Snapdragons said...

Wow! I've never seen a hailstorm that didn't melt before I could pick up the hailstones. Was there much damage? I also thought the picture was of teeth, at first.