Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Busy Time of the Year

School is winding down and the idea of having time off is so exciting. But in order to get to the time off, I am breaking my neck trying to end the school year. It is mandated state testing time and organizing the testing for my school is one of my main responsibilities. As my grandmother used to say..."I am weary!" Counting test booklets, organizing all the materials making sure students needs are met is very time consuming. You know what would help me pass the time quickly...a new Apple Ipod that 5 Minutes for Mom is giving away. Please, please let me be the winner!!

Haven't done a thing with knitting, crocheting or sewing. I will soon, very, very soon... in two weeks this testing mania will be over and I'll be a free woman. YES!


Karyn said...

I completely understand that this is a busy time of year for educators!! I'm packing a whole high school library because they are doing renovations over the summer. I have 12 days to do it in. AAHHHHHH!!! :)

monica said...

Our kids do the state testing at the beginning of the year....they hate it, but they would hate it at the end of the year too. Thanks for visiting my blog. I make the patterns up as I go for the baby socks.

CeElle said...

I just purchased this very same book. They all look adorable - and about the perfect size project for this very busy time! Your hats look great! I love the striped stocking cap.