Saturday, March 24, 2007

Crocheting in the 70s

Like so many knitters/crocheters, my interest in knitting and crocheting began as a teenager. Oh, so long ago... I was influenced and encouraged by my mother. The other day as I was going through a closet I came across these:
These are 2 shawls my mother crocheted for me when I was in high school. Can you tell I was a child of the 60s/70s by the butterfly on the back? Look at those colors...bright orange, pink and blue. I loved that shawl. It went so well with my patched jeans and love beads back in those days. Maybe one day I'll have a granddaughter who will love playing dress up with it.

I also found this:
This is a hooded sweater my mother knitted for me. Living in SC doesn't require this type of sweater very often. It is thick and bulky. I can recall wearing it a few times in college. I attended a small college in NC and can remember a couple of nice snows while there and this sweater coming in handy.

My mother passed away 4 years ago and I often think about her as I work on my knitted and crocheted items. I am so aware of the many items in my home that her hands created and I enjoy using. While my father was dying of cancer, she patiently worked on an afghan while sitting with my father in the hospital. And then there is an elegant white crocheted tablecloth I use on special occasions. Oh, the memories....I was very blessed to have such a loving mother.

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