Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Piddling The Day Away

Hope everyone voted today....I did and I have thoroughly enjoyed having the day off. It has been a rainy day so other than going out to vote, I have had a wonderful day piddling around the house. "Piddling" now there is a word that I use all the time but never in the true meaning. To piddle means to spend time in a wasteful, trifling way. I piddle like my grandfather use to when I was growing up. When he piddled, it meant he would do a little of this and a little of that, small jobs around the house. You know....the many little things that build up, need to be done, have been ignored or pushed aside. So that is how I spent my day. I picked up around the house, found homes for plants that spend their summers outside but now need a spot inside, cleaned out the magazines accummulating under the coffee table, and I've baked a brown sugar pound cake, and icebox cookies. The cookies are in the freezer. I haven't baked them yet. But as you can tell, I have already sampled the cake. It was a new recipe...yum, yum!
Brown Sugar Pound Cake

One thing I haven't done today but plan to do in just a few minutes is knit. I am working on a brown felted bag for me.
Brown fFelted Bag
And I am trying to finish a Lucy Bag for my son's girlfriend. I have been working on this bag since this June.
Emily's Lucy Bag
I need to knit a few more inches in the body and then work on the strap. I don't know why it is taking me so long. During the summer, wool just didn't seem to be the right fiber to be working with. I've got to get it completed and mailed to her soon. I need to know it isn't sitting around waiting on me anymore. I need to have that feeling of accommplishment before it becomes that feeling of dread.

I have mentioned before how great this community of bloggers is. I am so humbled at how thoughtful you ladies are. Recently I participated in a Pink and Brown swap organzed by Mary Ann. Was I surprised to find a box full of pink and brown items sitting on my porch yesterday? She sent them to me because my swap partner was late in getting her pack to me. Mary Ann, you're the best! Thanks!!!

Contest alert: Notepad is being given away. Check out Jennifer's site.


MaryAnn said...

I hope you liked the goodies! I'm happy they arrived safely:) I am also quite happy to have you in my life!

Beth said...

Your cake looks delicious! And I like how you described needing a feeling of accomplishment before it turned to dread. I know how you feel!

Lainie said...

I have to admit... I didn't vote. The first time in YEARS. I went and the line was an hour long... I had the kids at home and couldn't swing it. I feel really, really rotten. :(

Vallen said...

Mary Ann is a superstar to be sure!! That cake looks mighty tasty. Gonna share?