Sunday, August 20, 2006

Baby Kimono and Patchwork Bag Compliments

I have completed the baby kimono from the Mason Dixon book. Isn't it cute?
Baby Kimono I am giving it to a colleague this week. She is ready to birth her little one anytime now. I question whether the kimono is long enough. In person, it appears to be short but maybe that is the way it is suppose to be.
Today after church, my husband and I were eating at a local sandwich shop. The young lady taking my order complimented by bag. Patchwork Purse
She started asking questions about it and of course, I was thrilled to share my little bit of knowledge with her. Then as we were eating another young lady from the restaurant stopped at our table, spotted my bag and began quizzing me again about my patchwork bag. Having been distracted from the first conversation (so much so that I walked off without our iced tea) my husband suggested that maybe next time I should leave my bag in the car. Oh, but it was so much fun!


Beth said...

That's great about the compliments about your bag! And the kimono is very cute. Great job!

Vera said...

Cute kimono and bag.

Charity said...

The kimono is so sweet! And how exciting to be complimented like that on your bag!